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Start a Club

Getting a Science Enrichment Program Started is Easy!

At Science Matters in America, we not only try to make science fun; we make getting an after-school enrichment program started easy, too. Three easy steps are all it takes!

Step 1: Pick a day of the week that would be convenient to run a science club with your school administration. Usually, we start clubs five minutes after the dismissal bell rings.

Step 2: Call Science Matters in America at 303 805-9287. We'll put together a schedule based on your school calendar.

Step 3: Approve your schedule. Along with a preliminary calendar, you'll receive a "Getting Started" package that includes

  • Preliminary calendar
  • Description of each club
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate
  • Facility Use form (if applicable)
  • Sample flyer for your school

Why Enrichment Programs Make a Difference in a School

Reason 1: Enrichment programs -
  • introduce students to new subjects & interests
  • allow more in-depth studies of specific subjects under the guidance of experts in the field
  • allow students to meet peers with similar interests
  • allow students to meet adult mentors and other role models.
Reason 2: Students who participate in after-school enrichment -
  • are more excited about school
  • are more confident about their academic ability
  • have higher school attendance
  • have better grades and study habits

What makes Science Matters Make a Great Enrichment Partner

Reason 1: We handle all the registrations and class lists
  • We provide flyers
  • After the registration deadline, put the registrations in the stamped envelope we provide and we do the rest
Reason 2: We have the experience to make your program a success
  • We're in 85+ school in the Front Range
  • Last year 6,000+ students went through our programs
Reason 3: We provide Service to Our Schools
  • We offer scholarships - 1 per club period
  • We can send a visiting scientist to your school for fundraising events, science fair kick-offs, classroom visits, or any event that can mix hands-on science and fun!
Reason 4: Our teachers care. Our teachers are:
  • Caring, science-oriented, moms and dads who want the best for your child.
  • Carefully screened and trained including a background check

What Happens Next?

Here's a short timeline that will help you understand what happen when. If we've left something out or you have questions, give us a call at 303 805-9287:

5-6 weeks before clubs start - flyers

  School receives a box of flyers. Usually, they go home in the children's weekly folders.

3 weeks before clubs start - Registration deadline

  We'll give you or the office a friendly reminder to send us the registrations you've received in the self-addressed stamped envelope we've provided you.

1 week before clubs start - Logistics confirmation

  We'll check in with you or the office to verify the time, room location, gathering and dismissal process and any other policies that our instructors should follow while on school grounds. Many of our teachers actually come visit the site to meet you and the office staff in person and look at the room set up prior to class.

3 days before clubs start - Class Lists

  We'll send your office a complete class list. Many schools make an announcement the day the club starts reminding the students who is signed up Science Matters.

1 day before clubs start - Prepping the Class

  Instructors will print their final class lists and prep for their 1st class. All classes include a take-home project each week.

Day of the club - Check in

  The teacher will arrive at the school at least 15 minutes prior. They will sign in at the office. And 1-2-3: Science and Fun become One!

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