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Denver Public Schools - Department of Extended Learning Through our partnership with the Denver Public Schools - Department of Extended Learning, Science Matters provides a hands on science experience for students attending the Denver-CAMP. The Denver-CAMP is a 6-week summer program offered free to 4th -8th grade youth who are not able to attend a traditional summer camp, due to cost. To offer this program, out of school time providers come together to offer their programs for free. In addition to being able to offer this program free for families, the students have interaction with positive adult role models, keep learning throughout the summer, and go on fun and interactive field trips.
The Wildlife Experience Science Matters and The Wildlife Experience have teamed up to provide a hands on science experience in the South Metro Area. Through this partnership, we sponsor classroom field trips that explore the Earth and the science of the Earth. Science Matters is also offering summer camps at the Wildlife Experience to keep the learning going during the summer.
Global Village Academy Science Matters supplements classroom science curriculum with a Science Lab. Each 3rd- 6th grade student at GVA participates in a 4-week program focusing on the scientific method. Additionally, 7th and 8th graders can choose a 5-week science lab as an elective in which student conduct experiments in biology, geology, physics and chemistry.
Cottonwood Creek At Cottonwood Creek, Science Matters kicks off a week long science unit for grades 1st-5th. During this kick off, the students start their thinking about micro organisms, the Earth, and other subjects being taught as part of the Cherry Creek Science Curriculum.