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Assemblies and Stem Demonstrations

Science Assemblies for the Entire School

  • Interactive and engaging
  • 45-60 minutes demonstrations
  • Great for Science Fair Kick offs
  • See an Explosion!

Science Assemblies are interactive and fun (and sometime explosive). Assemblies are designed for 40 or more students. Student volunteers help with the demonstrations and help bring science to life. Get for kicking off a science fair. WOW assemblies include a multitude of large science such as Micro Silo Explosion, Bed of Nails, the Automatic Toilet Paper Unroller, and Hydrogen Bubbles (extra fee required). Our assemblies are part of the regular assembly schedule at many schools. Space is limited so schedule early. Make this a regular assembly at your school today.

Science Visits - Demonstrations for Smaller Groups

  • Science Fun for Families! Book a Family Science Night
  • Programs include (not all visits available in all locations)
    • Reaction Action
    • Summer Science Fair
    • Read, Set, STEM
    • Science Circus
    • Best of Science Matters
    • Amazing Feats of Science
    • And More!
  • Perfect for Day Camp Programming
  • 2019 Library Visits support Summer Reading Theme - Book NOW

Family Science Nights

Parents and students will love to learn about science together. Kicks off with a 30 minute science demonstration. Parents and students will assist with experiments such as Color Changing Chemicals, Exploding Power or Elephant's Toothpaste. Then, families work together on a science project. Examples of projects are:
  • Making a fossil
  • Making an electromagnet
  • Make soda pop
Make school time memories for families and host a Family Science Night. Prices vary but discounts are available for schools that run an after school club (three or more clubs a year).